All Players: Waiver

All players must fill out this waiver before playing. Players 17 and under must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver.

Hours - Indoor
4pm - 10pm
10am - 10pm
11am - 5pm

Note: For groups of 10 or larger, please call ahead and reserve a spot. All walk-on players are encouraged to call before arrival to make sure we have a spot for you to play. All players Must purchase paintballs from Providence Paintball.

Then of course, there's the FIELDS!

At Providence Indoor Paintball we strive to have the best field for players ranging from beginners to the most experienced of players. We have found that the best type of field to suit all types of players is an Ultimate Airball Field. For those of you just getting into tournament action or you just play some rec-ball with your friends, this type of field is the easiest to adapt to and makes for some serious fire-fights. This is also the cleanest field possible. Players dont want to be covered in paint off the floor or from leaning into a bunker. Carpet flooring also has excellent traction while still allowing players to make awesome slides. Simply said, THESE FIELDS ROCK!!

Small Field
Large Field
Outdoor Field
Staging Area