All Players: Waiver

All players must fill out this waiver before playing. Players 17 and under must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver.

Hours - Indoor
4pm - 10pm
10am - 10pm
11am - 5pm

Note: For groups of 10 or larger, please call ahead and reserve a spot. All walk-on players are encouraged to call before arrival to make sure we have a spot for you to play. All players Must purchase paintballs from Providence Paintball.

Field Rules
  1. All players must be at least 10yrs old to play.
  2. All Players under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign waivers in order to play
  3. Field Speed will be at or below 250 fps.
  4. Only semi automatic markers are allowed. Response Triggers are allowed but no other forms of automatic fire accepted. TRIGGER BOUNCE is not acceptable.
  5. Any person caught shooting outside of the netted area, no exceptions will be removed from play at providence paintball with no refunds.
  6. No cleats allowed. Dye ATCs are acceptable.
  7. Field Paint Only Except for Wednesday Night. Anyone caught shooting non-field paint will be removed from playing at providence paintball with no refund.
  8. Players must have all necessary safety gear in order to play. This includes BARREL COVERS or PLUGS. If a player does not have a plug of some type they must purchase one. Squeegees are not barrel plugs and do not count.
  9. This rule is specifically set toward tournament and advanced players. If you are caught wiping, playing with hits, or overshooting it is the refs determination to allow you to continue playing or remove you from playing with no refund. It is impossible for refs to pull a one-for-one, or to adjust points in a rec-ball game. Play fair or go home.
What's so great about indoor paintball?

No more sunburn, rain, wind, mud or having to play your weekends away, leaving no time to relax on you days out of work. Now you can play weeknights or weekends in the safety and comfort of the indoors.

At Providence Indoor Paintball we have what you need to have an awesome time regardless of weather conditions. Head inside where air conditioners keep you playing even on the hottest summer days, you can play all day. Since we're entering the winter season we'll even turn the heat on.

What makes you the leading indoor field in Rhode Island?

It's the service. At Providence Indoor Paintball the main concern of our field is to give customers a safe, clean, helpful, and FUN environment. Knowledgeable referees keep players safe and help them with equipment problems that may arise including minor repairs, and a top notch cleaning crew insures the cleanest field possible.

Changing areas and a large staging area provides players a clean and organized place to prepare for games. Paper towels and spray bottles are provided to keep your masks and guns clean, nobody enjoys going home and spending hours cleaning their gear, so do it here before you leave.